Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ancient Alien Streaming Documentaries To Tide You Over Until Season 3 airs!

While we have some time before season 3 of ancient aliens (history channel) begins playing on history this spring, I figured this would be a good time to compile a bunch of great documentaries on the subject (some of them need some dusting off!). This subject isn't new to the air waves, as a matter of fact it's rather ancient in it's that right!

From awesome documentaries of the 70s and some great ones leading up into the 90s and 00's, there's some wonderful material here, and some rather peculiar and funny stuff too. I will keep this updated as I find more material, but I have a large amount of saved links to share here so keep checking back as I get compile all of the streaming ancient aliens related documentaries that leaked through the cracks before ancient aliens season 3 begins!

Ancient Aliens Season 3 Tide Over Documentaries & Videos

Episode 1 Streaming

Episode 2 Streaming

Episode 3 Streaming

Episode 4 Streaming

Episode 5 Streaming Video

The carlos diaz experience, Drunvalo Melchizdek Connection And UFO Plasma Beings

Now this is interesting, and somewhat bizarre. For those of you not familiar with Drunvalo Melchizidek this may be an odd introduction, none the less it is information certainly related to what I do here at Excoatl2012. Here's my brief thoughts and a brief overview of the content. This is a bit long....

A brief description of Drunvalo from wikipedia for those not in the know:
"Drunvalo Melchizedek ( born as Bernard Perona in 1941 ) is an author and spiritual teacher, who lives in Sedona, Arizona. Drunvalo completed most of a B.S. degree in Physics and Mathematics before switching to a fine arts degree which he was awarded in 1970.His fine arts degree was from the University of California at Berkeley, obtained without finishing the course due to clerical errors by the university."

Now just to preface, Drunvalo has always struck a chord with me. His work in the realm of sacred geometry is second to none, and it's really riveting stuff - at the same time some of his ideas I have found very eccentric and some of it extremely out there, but that's cool with me. His book "The Flower of Life" is the stuff of folklore and an absolute authority on sacred geometry and new age lore.  It's a tough read but I thoroughly enjoyed it. SO, I enjoy some of his work. But this interview and corresponding documentary are flat out bizarre:

In this interview, Drunvalo goes into detail about an apparent shared mass encounter with subterranean ufos and beings who apparently live in the center of the earth. He describes being taken aboard their ship after being confronted by them after an arranged meeting with Carlos Diaz. I hadn't heard of Carlos before this interview, but it turns out that he apparently has been meeting documenting and accounting with subterranean lava beings that have lived beneath the earth for quite some time. It took me an hour to find the full length documentary on the guy filmed in the 90s. The guy is convincing. Anyway, Drunvalo claims to have been contacted by this man as dictated to him by the beings. So apparently they arranged a meeting and took Drunvalo and a bunch of people he was with aboard their ship and went on a ride through space and time that is unbelievable to hear about. I am skeptical about this but it's interesting anyway to say the least. There is a photo of the craft the lava beings use and he goes into great detail. They both describe the same "plasma craft" and "plasma beings" You be the judge, this is definitely one of the strangest things I have seen Drunvalo bring to the table.
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Okay so all that said, there's two sets of video

The first is the drunvalo interview with this pretty young lady "lou lou". I have no idea who she is and it's a little painstaking to watch at times for reasons I will leave you to decipher. You can skip through to get an idea of what's being said here, it's pretty damn lengthy. The second video is the documentary on Carlos Diaz that I mentioned above. It's a good documentary I think. Carlos started meeting with these beings in a remote mexico town when he was just a boy, and has been visiting with them ever since evidently. His family and some locals back him up and they have his photos and videos of the encounters run through some tests (it's the early 90s keep in mind). He seems to be a "regular" guy living in a remote mexican town. He has a compelling story. So here are the two videos, if you can sit through the drunvalo video you will see that they are related.

Drunvalo InterviewVideo Set (3parts)

^^^gets meaty in the third video

Carlos Dias Experience Video Set (3parts)

2012 Time For Change Documentary Streaming Beyond 2012 - Daniel Pinchbeck, Dean Radin, Rick Doblin Streaming

In my opinion, this is a great documentary (streaming 1hour 6mins). It features a number of great pieces of footage of some of the most renowned speakers on the subject of 2012, and the changes that many of us have seen and forsee taking place. They give everyone about 10-15 minutes of time on camera to share their thoughts about subjects relating to the 2012 phenomena. Most all of the dots are connected and most aspects are entertained. A great part of this documentary is how it looks to the feature with optimism and ideas on how we can change our current situation to see a better tomorrow, although it does cover a potentially bleak future. Some cool animation is featured in the film as well.

Everyone brings something to the table in this one, excoatl2012 is proud to present this streaming 2012 documentary and it is worth a watch.

Featuring Daniel Pinchbeck, Maria Alice, Campos Kevin, Denaher Rick Doblin  Jim Fournier,  Dean Radin,  Ken Jordan, James O'Dea, Rabbi Abraham, Bia Labate, Maria Alice Campos


It's no secret I am a fan of the show "ancient aliens" on the History Channel. I was very pleased to hear from their official facebook page aswell as word from producer Giorgio A. Tsoukalosand and George Noory From Coast to Coast AM that season 3 will be returning for a 3rd season. Apparently the filming is just being wrapped up.

Be sure to catch it streaming free on history channel in late spring! Or if you miss an episode, watch it streaming here as I do compile the series here on the blog as it makes its way to youtube and the internet at large. You can check out a number of episodes here on the blog. and don't forget about my post with a list of rare ancient alien documentaries to tide you over until Ancient Aliens Season 3 begins.

Here's the official post from their facebook page: