Thursday, March 3, 2011

2012 Time For Change Documentary Streaming Beyond 2012 - Daniel Pinchbeck, Dean Radin, Rick Doblin Streaming

In my opinion, this is a great documentary (streaming 1hour 6mins). It features a number of great pieces of footage of some of the most renowned speakers on the subject of 2012, and the changes that many of us have seen and forsee taking place. They give everyone about 10-15 minutes of time on camera to share their thoughts about subjects relating to the 2012 phenomena. Most all of the dots are connected and most aspects are entertained. A great part of this documentary is how it looks to the feature with optimism and ideas on how we can change our current situation to see a better tomorrow, although it does cover a potentially bleak future. Some cool animation is featured in the film as well.

Everyone brings something to the table in this one, excoatl2012 is proud to present this streaming 2012 documentary and it is worth a watch.

Featuring Daniel Pinchbeck, Maria Alice, Campos Kevin, Denaher Rick Doblin  Jim Fournier,  Dean Radin,  Ken Jordan, James O'Dea, Rabbi Abraham, Bia Labate, Maria Alice Campos


Jonesy said...

I'll watch this tonight, I love documentaries. Followed.

Chris said...

Ugh.. i hate all this 2012 stuff.
How can someone predict something that hasn't happened yet! :O

Anonymous said...

by remembering the future.