Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ancient Aliens Season 2 Episode 9 Streaming Free

This is a great documentary series, now in season 2 from history channel, "Ancient Aliens". Researchers, enthusiasts and reporters from around the globe discuss and speculate the influence extraterrestrials may have had on our ancestors. Some very interesting questions are asked and sometimes, answered. Season 2 Episode 9 full streaming.

BBC: "New Zealand releases UFO government files"

In a great display of transparency, BBC and AlJazeeraEnglish reports that the New Zealand government has released a trove of previously classified documents about UFO reports, descriptions, first hand accounts, videos of sightings and alleged proof of "alien writing".

This comes at a time very close to December 25, a date when the controversial wikileaks stated that its journalism organization may release cables on previously undisclosed UFO documents by the governments regarding UFOs and other related phenomena, according to a kremlin news organization I haven't yet been able to identify.

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